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A Bad Week for the Commander in Chief

Can You Believe?

Can you believe Trump’s embarrassing trip to France? First he cancelled his trip to the Belleau Woods memorial to U.S. soldiers because of bad weather that wasn’t that bad. Then he skipped the march of world leaders to the Arc de Triomphe – his bone spurs must have really been killing him.

Can you believe Trump also skipped the traditional presidential visit to Arlington on Veterans Day? He must still be mad at the Department of Defense for balking at his plan for a military parade down Pennsylvania Avenue.

Can you believe Trump has not visited the thousands of U.S. troops he sent to defend the southern border against “invasion” by huddled masses of women and children fleeing gang violence? He must be disappointed that this xenophobic stunt failed to help Republicans hold the House.

They Said It – Republicans Speak Out Against Trump & Trumpism

“The California Republican Party isn’t salvageable at this time. The Grand Old Party is dead – partly because it has failed to separate itself from today’s toxic, national brand of Republican politics.” – Kristin Olsen, Stanislaus County supervisor and former Assembly Republican leader

Hits and Misses – the week’s best and worst moves

Hit of the Week: Democrats’ continuing gains in competitive House races. Recall that most pundits predicted we would flip at most six GOP seats in California. All year, I worked with PAC for a Change to win at least six. On Election Night, we knew that Mike Levin had won the 49th District and other Dems were slightly ahead or behind. Last Friday, Katie Hill was declared the winner in the 25th and Harley Rouda forged ahead in the 48th. As of this Thursday night, Dems have also won the 10th and 45th while building a lead in the 39th. Roll on, Blue Wave!

Miss of the Week: The efforts by Trump, Brian Kemp, and Rick Scott to shut down the Florida and Georgia recounts. After all the GOP did to suppress the vote here and elsewhere, now they don’t even want to hear from those who managed to vote. 

Hot Race of the Week

The Mississippi Senate race is heating up. Republicans thought they had it locked up when their “mainstream” candidate, appointed Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith, beat out wild man Chris McDaniel to make the November 27th runoff against Democrat Mike Espy. Then Hyde-Smith showed what a mainstream GOP politician looks like these days – and made this race much more competitive – when she joked that she’d be “on the front row” if a supporter she was campaigning with invited her to a “public hanging.”

Remember Alabama 2017? It could happen in Mississippi, but Mike Espy needs our help now. Click here to learn more about Mike and donate to his campaign. 

Podcast News

On this week’s podcast, Nicole and I discuss the recent California fires, what’s been happening since the midterms, bills and policies that Democrats will work to enact, and what we can hope to accomplish as races and future votes approach. Then I speak with economist Jared Bernstein about our current troubling economic climate, how bipartisanship worked during the Reagan administration, and President Obama’s response to the Great Recession.