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Can You Believe?

Can you believe that Mitch McConnell and his Republican allies are pushing for yet another Trumpcare vote? They are rushing to meet the deadline for consideration of ACA repeal, and are doing it without any regard for the actual health of Americans. The new bill by Senators Cassidy and Graham will cause 32 million Americans to lose coverage, could double the cost of insurance for those who are covered, and could cause extreme increases for those with preexisting conditions. It also does not include any provision for essential health services like mental health and maternity. We need to work together to kill this bill. Sign our petition telling McConnell and his Republican allies to vote NO.

Can you believe that Donald Trump went to the United Nations, first bragged about his hotel that is across the street, and then threatened to “totally destroy” North Korea? Message to POTUS: The art of making a deal at the United Nations isn’t schoolyard bullying. While North Korea is a threat to world stability, that isn’t the presidential leadership we need.

Can you believe that Rep. Dana Rohrabacher has proposed pardoning Julian Assange in exchange for Assange providing information that Russia wasn’t the source of the DNC emails leaked during the 2016 presidential election? This guy is so nutty he makes peanut brittle seem nut-free.

Hits and Misses – the week’s best and worst moves

Hit of the Week: The American Medical Association for its letter to McConnell and Schumer suggesting that the Senate, “reject any other legislative efforts that would jeopardize health insurance coverage for tens of millions of Americans,” and that it keep working to stabilize markets.

Miss of the Week: Lesson #1: Don’t lie. Lesson #2: Don’t lie to someone who has more than 2 million nightly viewers and more than 1.5 million followers on Twitter. Senator Bill Cassidy appears to have lied to TV host Jimmy Kimmel about provisions in the Cassidy-Graham/Trumpcare bill. Kimmel’s concerns are based on his infant son’s very real health crisis and his own concerns about all children receiving the care they deserve.

House Race of the Week

Where is Congresswoman Mimi Walters? While we know she represents a district in Orange County and has an office in the Cannon House Office Building, where is she on issues that impact her constituents? She is with Donald Trump. And she is the only woman among California’s GOP House delegation. Why isn’t she supporting legislation to protect women’s health instead of ill-conceived Trumpcare bills? And finally, why isn’t she speaking out against Donald Trump’s cyber bullying attack on Hillary Clinton? Surely, it is time to resist and replace Mimi Walters!


Some of you saw my tweet encouraging Melania Trump to start her anti-bullying campaign in light of her husband’s retweet of an image of him harming Hillary Clinton. Many of you have seen the image. He hits a golf ball that smashes into Clinton, knocking her down. It was obvious that my tweet touched a nerve and was hugely liked and retweeted. And there is reason it touched a nerve.

About one in five children report that they are bullied at school, with 160,000 kids missing school each day because they are or fear being bullied. And every 15 seconds in America, a woman is battered by her husband or partner. Between 25% and 45% of those victims are pregnant. I think we all shudder at those numbers. It is one of the reasons I worked so hard to pass the first Violence Against Women Act while I was serving in the House.

Yet Donald Trump bullies and threatens every day both in his tweets and in his words. He is willing to show an image of him hitting a woman. America – its children, its women, and its men – all deserve so much better than this president.