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Brave Companies and a Cowardly President

Can You Believe?

Can you believe SuperTrump claiming he would have run unarmed into the killing zone in Parkland? This from the man with five draft deferments and those crippling bone spurs.

Can you believe Sarah Huckabee Sanders trying to walk back Trump’s claim with one of her own: that Trump was merely saying he would have joined others at the scene who were trying to help?

Can you believe Georgia Republicans trying to blackmail Delta Airlines into restoring its discounts for NRA members? Delta made Atlanta airport the busiest in the world and is a cornerstone of the state’s economy. Other cities and states are already courting Delta to come where its brave stand against the NRA will be appreciated, not punished.

Hits and Misses – the week’s best and worst moves

Hit of the Week: Dick’s Sporting Goods’ announcement that it would immediately end sales of all assault-style weapons and would not sell any gun to anyone under 21. This kind of courageous corporate stand helped end apartheid and discrimination against gays and lesbians; it’s essential in the fight for gun safety.

Miss of the Week: Trump’s ludicrous proposal to arm teachers in classrooms. It’s a classic diversion from Trump and the NRA: trying to get everyone debating a side issue while they work to block meaningful reforms.

Hot House Race of the Week

California’s 4th Congressional District is historically Republican, but incumbent Tom McClintock is so extremely conservative, and Trump is so unpopular, that this seat has become one of Democrats’ top 10 pickup opportunities in the state. As in other swing districts, the Dems’ biggest liability is a messy, crowded primary. If one Democrat can emerge relatively unscathed in June, we have a real shot at this seat. Watch this space.


If fills me with hope and admiration to see students from Parkland and across the nation rising up to stop gun violence in our schools. Even with all the political back-and-forth and the possibility that little will change at a national level, it appears that something will get done at least at the state level after the Florida students came out in the most eloquent and powerful of ways. They just will not take No for an answer, and they know half-measures when they see them.

We have failed our children up to now in terms of gun violence. Let us listen to them and act. Marching on March 24 is important – and then of course marching to the polls in the primary and general election this year to break the hold of the NRA.