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Census and Nonsense

Can You Believe?

Can you believe Trump wants to steal funding from our troops to pay for his stupid wall?

Can you believe Trump is nominating his personal physician – who has never directed a staff of any size – to lead the Veterans Administration, the second-largest bureaucracy (after DoD) in the U.S. government and one of the largest organizations on earth?  Of course, once Trump recommended his personal pilot to run the Federal Aviation Administration, anything was possible.

Can you believe that Rick Gates, Trump’s 2016 deputy campaign manager, was dumb enough to brag about his connections with Russian spy Konstantin Kilimnik?

Hits and Misses – the week’s best and worst moves

Miss of the Week: The Census Bureau’s plan to ask about citizenship and immigration status in the 2020 census. Coming from an administration that does all it can to persecute immigrants, this would undoubtedly cause immigrants to evade the Census, leading to a severe undercount of the U.S. population along with decreased federal funding and Congressional representation for California and other states with large immigrant populations.

Hit of the Week: California Attorney General Xavier Becerra’s suit to block the Census Bureau from adding a citizenship question. As AG Becerra noted, the administration’s plan clearly violates the Constitution’s requirement that the census provide an “actual enumeration” of the U.S. population every 10 years to apportion representation in Congress.

Hot House Race of the Week

This week the 39th Congressional District hit the top of the charts as the LA Times called it the most competitive House race in California. It was previously ranked #6, but incumbent Ed Royce’s retirement announcement changed all that. And why is Royce retiring? As the Times noted, “Clinton won by 9 percentage points in his district, which has a growing population of Latino and Asian voters, making it a majority-minority district.” This would be a likely Dem pickup except for one problem: a too-crowded Democratic field in the June primary could leave us out in the cold in November.


Last Saturday’s March for Our Lives was a game changer of major proportions. No longer will young Americans deign to live in fear of gun violence – instead they will fight for change against the gun industry and its enablers in Congress and state legislatures. No longer will progressive candidates fear the NRA – instead they will embrace the change that the overwhelming majority of their constituents want, need, and demand.