Gearing Up for 2020

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Change Has Come

On Election Day, the Blue Wave came to the House of Representatives and to the governorships, with strong highlights of pink. Record numbers of women and minorities. Thank you to the people of this country for understanding the need to check Donald Trump, who is truly out of control when it comes to his attacks on the press and his obstruction in plain sight of the Mueller investigation. We need a House of Representatives that will stand up for what the people need – their healthcare, their education, and their Social Security, to name a few. I believe they will, and they will set the example for the next election, when we have another chance at the Senate.

Can You Believe?

Can you believe voters in two deep-red districts reelected congressmen under felony indictment? The GOP is now truly Trump’s party, where character counts – for nothing.

Can you believe Trump claiming that House Republicans lost their seats because they failed to embrace him? They lost because they put fealty to Trump ahead of loyalty to their constituents (whose health insurance they tried to take away) and because they and their party no longer represented the views or needs of their districts.

Can you believe Trump stooge Matt Whittaker claiming to champion the rule of law after calling Mueller’s investigators a lynch mob and urging Rosenstein to limit the investigation?

They Said It

“Right now, the majority party in the House and Senate are not fulfilling their oath of office. They are not acting as a check and balance. We must replace them with those who will.”

Captain “Sully” Sullenberger, lifelong (now former) Republican 

Hits and Misses – the week’s best and worst moves

Hit of the Week: Hmmm… let me think. How about DEMOCRATS WIN THE HOUSE!

Miss of the Week: Trump’s firing of Jeff Sessions. Though widely anticipated, few expected it to occur the day after the midterms. Another attempt by Trump to change the subject, but this time it won’t work: with Democrats winning the House, there will finally be a check on Trump’s unbalanced rule.

Hot House Race of the Week

It’s still hot in CA-48. Harley Rouda holds a solid and widening lead over Dana Rohrabacher, who still refuses to concede. Winning the House was delicious; ousting Putin’s favorite Congressman will be icing on the cake.