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DACA, Russia, and another hot House race

Can You Believe?

Can you believe Trump, who had never before dodged a news camera, couldn’t even muster the courage to make his own announcement about rescinding DACA?

Can you believe he had Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III give us a lecture on Constitutional history and the rule of law – a week after the notorious Arpaio pardon?

Can you believe Rush Limbaugh claiming the media exaggerates potential damage from approaching hurricanes in order to stimulate retail sales? Just like they faked the moon landing?

Hits and Misses – the week’s best and worst moves

Hit of the Week: “Chuck and Nancy’s” deal with Trump to combine hurricane relief with a spending package and debt ceiling increase.

Miss of the Week: Devin Nunes’s latest lame attempt to sidetrack the Russia investigations by intimidating the Attorney General and FBI Director. If this Trump lackey had an ounce of competence, he would be very dangerous.

House Race of the Week

Ordinarily, Duncan Hunter might cruise to reelection. His 50th Congressional District is overwhelmingly Republican, and he has used his position on the House Armed Services Committee to amass massive campaign donations from defense contractors. His problem: he illegally diverted hundreds of thousands of those campaign dollars for his own personal uses such as video games, private school tuition, and family travel – most famously including an airplane ticket for his children’s pet bunny. After getting caught with his hand in the cookie jar and coming under Justice Department investigation, Hunter reimbursed his campaign for some of these expenses. But this week, the San Diego Union-Tribune uncovered a host of other spending at a supermarket, a sporting goods store, and a Hawaiian resort. None of this is sitting well with voters in his mostly working-class district, whom he failed to protect when he voted to take away their health care, shut down the government, and default on America’s debt. If, as expected, we see a Democratic wave in 2018, Hunter could be swept out with the tide.


The stakes in the DACA debate could not be higher, not just for the 800,000 Dreamers whose futures hang in the balance but for the future and soul of our nation. Most Dreamers are living embodiments of the American Dream – young people who are studying or working hard to build better lives for themselves, their families, and their communities. And an overwhelming majority of their fellow Americans (including 69% of Republicans) favor allowing Dreamers to remain in the United States, the only country most of them have ever known.

This is a moment of truth for the Republican Congress and its leaders. They must choose between the American Dream and the nightmare of deportation and dislocation of nearly a million of our finest young people. As a Democrat, I know that failing to protect the Dreamers would cost Republicans mightily at the polls in 2018. As an American, I hope and pray that Congress will do the right thing.