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Domestic Violence, Dreamers, and Gun Violence

Can You Believe?

Can you believe Trump’s lame and emotionless delivery of a statement he should have delivered long ago – that he is “totally opposed to domestic violence”? Duh. He’s probably totally opposed to bubonic plague, too.

Can you believe Sarah Huckabee Sanders lying about Rob Porter for days and then claiming ignorance about the whole thing? She’s the White House press secretary, for crying out loud, not some junior staffer wandering around the West Wing.

Can you believe VA Secretary David Shulkin still has a job after illegally accepting tickets to Wimbledon, charging the government for his wife’s vacation, then lying and altering an email to cover it up? Shulkin must be getting travel tips from EPA’s Scott Pruitt, who racked up $90,000 worth of first-class plane tickets in one month, all at taxpayers’ expense.

Hits and Misses – the week’s best and worst moves

Hit of the Week: The bipartisan “common-sense” bill to give Dreamers a path to citizenship while increasing border security funding. The bill was far from perfect, but it’s as good as we’re going to get with this Congress and president.

Miss of the Week: Trump’s immediate threat to veto this bill, which led to its defeat today – even though it received 54 votes while Trump and Grassley’s monstrous bill got 39 yays and 60 nays. Those 60 senators could have passed meaningful legislation had the White House not campaigned against it.

Hot House Race of the Week

Next to Steve Knight and Dana Rohrabacher (see last week’s Boxer’s Corner), Mimi Walters is California’s most vulnerable GOP House member. In 2016, Clinton won the 45th District by 5%, and Walters’ own margin shrank from 65% to 58%. Since then she has voted with Trump 98.5% of the time, including Obamacare repeal and the GOP tax bill, which will raise state and local taxes for more than half her constituents. She also voted to abolish net neutrality and weaken clean air and water standards. She’s out of step with her constituents, and she’ll be out the door in November.


It never changes: Wounded innocents, devastated families; lost dreams. No change.

And for me, what follows the heartbreak never changes either: outrage at those who perpetuate this nightmare. Outrage at the NRA and the gun industry and the craven politicians who listen only to them and not to the anguished cries of our people. Whenever politicians express their sadness and offer their prayers to the victims of gun violence, check their voting record. If they voted against sensible gun laws, vote them out as soon as you can. These hypocrites must be tossed out, and our children must be protected.

In November we get our chance.  Resist and replace those who only offer prayers and no solutions.