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Dreams and Nightmares

Can You Believe?

Can you believe how Trump spent the Passover-Easter weekend (a time when past presidents sent messages of peace and goodwill to all) railing against the Dreamers? Can you believe how little he actually knows about DACA, the program he so cruelly ended?

Can you believe that Trump invited Putin to the White House after the Russian tyrant hacked Americans’ computers, attacked our electoral process, and poisoned residents of the U.K.?

Can you believe how Trump gushed about this invitation while standing next to leaders of the Baltic States, whose citizens live in constant fear of Russian invasion and domination?

Hits and Misses – the week’s best and worst moves

Hit of the Week: Rebecca Dallet’s landslide win in the special election for a seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court. In a state Trump carried 17 months ago, Dallet won by 12 percent statewide and in 24 counties that had gone to Trump. After the special election, a panicked Governor Scott Walker predicted a blue wave in November – and who am I to disagree?

Miss of the Week: Trump’s bumbling trade war with China. Targeted tariffs could make sense, especially if they focused on China’s illegal dumping of cheap steel. But Trump and his trade team are all over the lot, imposing tariffs without understanding how they affect American manufacturers’ supply chains and no thought about how China might retaliate. The Chinese are playing chess here while Trump plays checkers.

Hot Race of the Week

My friend Senator Claire McCaskill faces a tough reelection in Missouri. Trump won the state by 19 points and still has a 50% approval rating, mostly because of his support for the NRA. He recently headlined a $50,000-a-plate fundraiser for state attorney general Josh Hawley, Claire’s likely November opponent. She is one of Washington’s most effective legislators and one of the nation’s toughest campaigners, but she’s going to need our help to stay in the Senate.


Trump’s moves to end DACA and deport Dreamers will directly harm more than a million young Americans, but it could harm the nation even more. A recent UC San Diego study showed that 97 percent of DACA recipients were employed, in school, or serving in the military – with higher participation in all categories than native-born Americans. These Dreamers are our nation’s best and brightest, our hope for the future. Sending them into hiding or exile would squander that future and threaten the American Dream for us all.