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Forget Paris?

Once you digest the incredible idea of Donald Trump being President of the United States, nothing is beyond belief. But Trump and his gang still do things that make my head spin.

Can you believe Jared Kushner thinking that secret communications using Russia’s network would be welcomed by the American people once they realize that the reason it was done was to avoid U.S. law enforcement? If Kushner were an intelligence official, that act would have been “treason” according to experts.

Can you believe that Trump gave the Russians back two pieces of real estate in America where their operatives went on vacation? These properties had been shut down by President Obama and the occupants sent back to Russia after we learned that the Russians had interfered in our election.

Russia is our adversary. Here is the Webster’s Dictionary definition of adversary: one that opposes, an opponent. Russia opposes human rights and a free press; its government poisons political opponents and reporters. They oppose us in Syria and Ukraine and are working to subvert NATO and European democracy. I thought Trump said he wanted to make America great again, not remake America in the image of a totalitarian country run by a tyrant.

Hits and Misses – the week’s best and worst moves

Hit: The Senate Intelligence Committee working across party lines and holding hearings on the Russia investigation.

Miss: Rep. Darrell Issa hiding from constituents up on the roof of his office building.

Miss of the 21st Century: Trump pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord – the worst of his many, many bad decisions.

House Race of the Week

Long considered Putin’s best friend in Congress, Dana Rohrabacher is in close contact with Russia but increasingly out of touch with his constituents. His 48th Congressional District, once reliably Republican, went for Hillary in 2016. His erratic behavior, once thought amusing by some, is no longer tolerable in the chaotic age of Trump. Kevin McCarthy once “joked” that Rohrabacher was on Putin’s payroll – he’ll be looking for a job when we replace him in 2018.


Another week goes by, another seven days that America loses leadership in the world – this time on climate. Fareed Zakaria got it right when he said Thursday that “this will be the day that the United States resigned as the leader of the free world.” Now America stands alone with Syria and Nicaragua outside the global community. Even Russia supports the Paris Accord – the one time Trump should have followed Putin!

What is it about rising temperatures and sea levels that Trump doesn’t understand? How can a President turn his back on his own people’s suffering – from Hurricane Sandy to California’s five-year drought to the loss of hunting and fishing grounds in Alaska? Can you believe it?