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GOP Counter-offensive Threatens Russia Probe

Can You Believe?

Can you believe Trump could talk about “unity” for over an hour (it seemed like three) without offering a single compromise or olive branch on any issue? Like Putin or any other autocrat, Trump’s idea of unity is my way or the highway.

Can you believe Trump would mention Dreamers and the MS-13 gang in the same breath? Of course you can.

Hits and Misses – the week’s best and worst moves

Hit of the Week: The FBI’s strong, unprecedented defense of its integrity and competence against the Devin Nunes memo and relentless Republican attacks on the Bureau and its vital mission.

Miss of the Week: The House Intelligence Committee’s party-line vote to release the Nunes memo while suppressing the Democratic rebuttal and refusing a classified briefing by the FBI and DOJ.

Hot House Race of the Week

Trump taints everyone who works for him – and none more than Devin Nunes, his #1 stooge and henchman in the Russia scandal. Last year, Nunes humiliated himself by releasing classified “evidence” that Obama national security adviser Susan Rice had illegally revealed the identities of Trump campaign aides under surveillance; it turned out that Nunes’s bogus evidence had been spoon-fed to him by the Trump White House. Now comes his infamous memo, cherry-picking evidence to show an FBI plot against Trump. Nunes easily won re-election in 2016, but if 2018 turns into a Democratic wave (or if he’s further tainted in the Russia scandal), he could be swamped. He has a solid Democratic opponent in Fresno County Deputy D.A. Andrew Janz. Stay tuned!


Why is the GOP pushing the Nunes memo so hard? Imagine a guy is arrested for robbing a house. The D.A. presents evidence showing the defendant’s footprints through the yard, his fingerprints on the window, his long burglary record, and a neighbor’s testimony that she saw someone in the shadows with dark brown hair. The defense asks the judge to throw out the case because the defendant has light brown hair and the neighbor is nearsighted. The Nunes memo willfully ignores all the damning classified evidence of Trump aide Carter Page’s shady contacts with the Russians. It’s a key part of the GOP effort to tarnish the FBI and undermine the Russia investigation.