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GOP Judiciary Committee: Unjust and Injudicious

Can You Believe?

Can you believe Senator Lindsey Graham calling Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s allegation against Brett Kavanaugh “the most corrupt thing I’ve ever seen in my life”?

Can you believe endangered Senator Dean Heller calling it a “hiccup” in the confirmation process?

Can you believe Senator Susan Collins deriding Dr. Ford’s call for an FBI investigation and saying “it’s not fair for Judge Kavanaugh for her not to come forward and testify” without one?

Hits and Misses – the week’s best and worst moves

Hit of the Week: Senate Democrats’ strong and united call to have the FBI reopen Kavanaugh’s background check. This would be standard operating procedure if Republicans weren’t in such a desperate hurry to confirm Kavanaugh before they lose the Senate.

Miss of the Week: Chairman Chuck Grassley’s disgraceful treatment of Dr. Ford. After trying to steam through her credible accusation against Kavanaugh, Grassley offered a hearing – but then refused to have the FBI investigate the charges and gave her an ultimatum: either submit all information by Friday and show up for a grilling on Monday or shut up and go home. Even in the Anita Hill debacle, Republican senators called for an independent FBI investigation. They are hypocrites plain and simple.

Hot House Race of the Week

CA-25 has emerged as one of our top pick-up opportunities. Democrat Katie Hill is running a smart, spirited grassroots campaign. GOP Congressman Steve Knight lied about receiving NRA money and failed to stand up for his constituents when toxic methane gas leaked into their neighborhoods. The race is now widely rated as a toss-up. Watch our ad and help put Katie Hill over the top.

They Said It – Republicans Outside Congress Speak Out Against Trump

“We are a superpower run by a simpleton.” – Michael Gerson, former Bush senior policy advisor

Fight Back

On this week’s special edition of the podcast, Nicole and I take an in-depth look at the trouble with Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and how the accusations against him affect the judiciary, women, and the nation.