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Healthcare & House Races

Can you believe the Senate Republicans’ health care bill? All those secret meetings just to tweak the heinous House bill? All that sound and fury signifying nothing but a massive tax cut for the rich and a massive rollback of the nation’s commitment to quality health care for all.

Can you believe that disabled Americans were dragged out of their wheelchairs and arrested for protesting at Mitch McConnell’s office – just as he would drag millions of Americans into poverty by taking away their health care coverage?

Can you believe Donald Trump teasing the nation for more than a month about fictitious tapes of his conversations with James Comey, like some fourth-grade brat playing keep-away? Calling this man juvenile is an insult to children everywhere.

Hits and Misses – the week’s best and worst moves

Hit of the Week: President Obama’s passionate and compassionate message calling out the “fundamental meanness” of the Senate Republican health care bill.

Miss of the Week: The process that Senate Republicans used to produce this bill, and the product they produced. Partisan politics at its very worst.

House Race of the Week

Along with Darrell Issa, Steve Knight is widely considered one of California’s two most vulnerable House Republicans. He represents northern LA County’s 25th Congressional District, which Hillary Clinton carried in 2016. Knight won reelection by 6 points, but his promised independence from Donald Trump has not panned out. After waffling till the very last moment, he voted for the dreadful House Trumpcare bill, bringing on outraged protests at his district office and at least one strong Democratic challenger. This is a race to watch and win in 2018.


Democrats suffered a blow in Georgia this week, but here’s the thing: That district was Newt Gingrich’s district. It has a seven-point Republican advantage. In 2016, the Republican won by 23 points. Our focus in 2018 will be on more hospitable districts, and there are many of those – enough to take back the House.

Just look at California. Look at Darrell Issa, who barely held on to his seat in 2016, winning by only 2 points. And that is because his votes are mean-spirited. Just consider his vote on a health care bill that targeted our state because we defend a woman’s right to choose. Or his abominable environmental record: the League of Conservation Voters gives him a lifetime rating of 4%.

There are six other Republican House seats that are up for grabs in California. If we take back most of those, we’ll be well on our way to the 24 we need nationwide to give Democrats control of the House and put the nation on the road to sanity.