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No ID? No Cheerios for you!

Can You Believe?

Can you believe that Donald Trump, in pushing for voter identification requirements, actually claimed that you must have an ID to buy groceries. Let’s all take a moment and think about Donald Trump at the grocery store – running his cart down the aisles, knocking over racks of pickles, crashing into fellow shoppers, and demanding a wall around the jalapenos.

Can you believe that Rudy Giuliani toyed around with the notion that collusion might not be a crime? Collusion in a presidential election. Collusion with a foreign nation in a presidential election. It is almost like Rudy has been on television too long.

Can you believe that hundreds of immigrant children are still separated from their parents? That there are now charges of molestation? And allegations of children being drugged against their will? And that the Administration continues to defend their policy?

Hits and Misses – the week’s best and worst moves

Hit of the Week: Anyone miss Barack Obama? Anyone eager to see him get back in the game? Well, the good news is that he is back in the game, endorsing 81 candidates nationwide and making plans to help Democrats win close races.

Miss of the Week:  Donald Trump’s clear directive for Attorney General Jeff Sessions (actually that should be recused Attorney General Jeff Sessions) to step in and end the Mueller investigation. His tweet: Jeff Sessions should stop this Rigged Witch Hunt right now.” Pretty clear directive, don’t you think?

Hot Race of the Week

Remember the 2017 healthcare debate? Remember Nevada Senator Dean Heller announcing that ending the Affordable Care Act would hurt his state and his constituents, and that he would oppose the bill? Remember him then flip-flopping and voting for the bill? Nevadans remember too, it appears. The most recent polling in Nevada shows that first-term Housemember Jacky Rosen is running neck and neck with Heller and, for four straight quarters, Rosen has outraised Heller. Nevada is a crucial race for Democrats. If you have a little time to spare in September or October, Nevada might be a great place to visit and talk to some folks about Heller’s record and the need to #FlipTheSenate.

Fight Back

This week, on our podcast, Fight Back, Nicole and I discuss the latest midterm election polls. I’m also so pleased to have join us Jaimie Raskin, the President of the American Bar Association and Maryland Congressman, who is a leading voice for what’s right and a strong leader against what’s wrong.