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Spinning in Trump’s Vortex – and Fighting Back

Can You Believe?

Can you believe how Trump hung Nikki Haley out to dry, changing his Russia sanctions policy without even telling his chief (indeed only) international diplomat?

Can you believe Sean Hannity ranted against the search of Michael Cohen’s office without mentioning that Cohen was his own lawyer? You just can’t make this stuff up.

On a happier note, can you believe that the leading Democratic Senate candidate is up by 10 points in Tennessee and running neck-and-neck in Texas?

Hits and Misses – the week’s best and worst moves

Hit of the Week: Maile Pearl Bowlsbey’s historic day at work with her mom, Senator Tammy Duckworth. She was 10 days old at the time – the first infant ever allowed on the Senate floor. By the time she’s a year old, her mother should be in the majority!

Miss of the Week: Trump’s undermining of Nikki Haley and his own national security team by rejecting the Russia sanctions that Haley had announced at the U.N. One day Trump talks tough about Putin; the next day he stresses the need for a good relationship. Of course, one wonders about that relationship. But beyond that, “keeping ‘em guessing” is not a foreign policy.

Hot House Race of the Week

Endangered GOP Congressman Jeff Denham (CA-10) has been in the spotlight lately. First he made a lot of noise but failed to follow through on his threat to force a vote on DACA. Second, PAC For A Change released a new web ad about Denham’s failure to protect his constituents; you can watch it here. And finally, Paul Ryan announced his super PAC would spend $2.35 million on ads to save Denham’s seat. We can’t match Ryan dollar for dollar, but with your help we can keep the heat on Denham and other Trump enablers in Congress.


In the Trump era, we all know how hard it is to keep up with the news. Each day brings angry tweets, random policy shifts, White House personnel dramas, and new insults to Americans (usually women or minorities) and American democracy.

If we step back for a moment, we see two big ongoing stories: Trump’s attack on our institutions and the Democrats’ effort to fight back. For the past 15 months, I have used this newsletter, daily tweets, and personal appearances to fight against Trump and work towards a game-changing Democratic victory in November.

Now I’ve added a new weapon: “Fight Back with Barbara Boxer,” a weekly podcast where I take a deeper look at the news and trends in politics. I’m pleased to be joined each week by my daughter, Nicole Boxer, along with activists, commentators, humorists, and Democratic elected officials. I hope you’ll join me by logging on to