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Trump Attacks Accomplished Women

Can you believe that Trump’s press spokesperson, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, gave a lecture to the press on how to do their jobs? Next time, before she lectures, she should read the Constitution.

Can you believe that Donald Trump continues his attack on accomplished women? It’s an American value to avoid needlessly hurting people on their looks – whether they are beautiful, like Mika, or not. Trump must see George Clooney when he looks in the mirror. I’ve seen George Clooney and, trust me, Trump is no George Clooney.

Can you believe that, posted at Trump’s golf clubs, there were phony Time magazine covers with Trump’s photo on the cover? Only he was never on the cover of the March 2, 2009 edition. Talk about fake news.

Hits and Misses – the week’s best and worst moves

Hit of the Week: US Conference of Mayors urging (1) that the federal government rejoin the Paris Climate Accords, and (2) redoubling their own efforts on climate change and renewable energy.

Miss of the Week: McConnell’s failure to include Democrats in healthcare is why that mean-spirited, dangerous bill was kept off the Senate floor.

House Race of the Week

Dana Rohrabacher has been in Congress since 1989, and in that time, he has made some interesting friends. One of the more infamous is Jack Abramoff, the thrice-convicted DC lobbyist. Recently, Abramoff and Rohrabacher teamed up to visit and try to secure contracts between the government of the Republic of Congo and the Trump Administration. Rohrabacher doesn’t represent his constituents, preferring to pal around with convicted lobbyists. We should replace him in 2018.


We celebrated this week when Mitch McConnell announced a delay in the vote on Trumpcare. And we were right to celebrate. The delay showed that consensus had not been reached – that even Republicans didn’t support their bad bill. But we can’t be complacent. Remember back to when Paul Ryan pulled the House bill? Then, after promises were made and arms were twisted, they came back and passed the bill. That is what McConnell and Ryan are both counting on. We should not let it happen. Keep up the pressure. Keep calling. Keep emailing. Keep showing up at town hall meetings. And it is important to keep the pressure on House Members, because whatever bill passes the Senate will have to come back to the House.

I recently joined Congressman Adam Schiff and 500 of our closest friends for a great event in Los Angeles. In part, I reminded the crowd of what we are all told to do in an emergency. First, stay calm. Second, think clearly. Third, have a plan. Fourth, execute that plan. That is what we all need to do to stop Trumpcare AND take back our wonderful country. I’m with you every day. Together, we can do it.