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Tweets, Lies & Climate Change

Can you believe Trump’s tweets about his “Muslim travel ban,” which his lawyers have been arguing is not a ban? He’s undermining his own lawyers and attacking his own Justice Department. It’s obvious that he’d much rather lose the court cases and fan the flames of resentment than take any measured action to protect our national security.

Can you believe Trump’s response to the London terror attacks? Instead of standing with the people of London, he attacks their mayor, who is out on the front lines fighting terrorism.

Can you believe Trump deleted from his NATO speech the key promise that America would stand with its European allies? Another coded message for Putin?

Hits and Misses – the week’s best and worst moves

Hit of the Week: James Comey’s courage in calling the President a liar without mincing his words. Comey said that Trump “hoped” he would drop the Flynn investigation. Trump says he never asked such a thing. Who do you believe?

Miss of the Week: Senator John McCain’s insulting and wrongful attempt to silence my successor, Senator Kamala Harris, as she questioned the Justice Department’s commitment to supporting the independence of special counselor Robert Mueller. Thank you, Kamala, for persisting!

House Race of the Week

Rep. David Valadao would already be in hot water: he’s a fervent Trump supporter represen

ting a district that Hillary Clinton by 15 percent. He’s made this race even hotter by distorting the record of Obamacare and by lying about Trumpcare, which would cause 60,100 of his constituents – and 5 million Californians – to lose their health insurance.


My friend Jessica Littman is an amazing young woman. While she’s off working for an NGO in Rwanda, she and a friend have launched a grassroots effort to help Americans affirm their commitment to fighting against climate change. You can take the pledge by clicking here for individuals and here for businesses & organizations.