Katie Porter

Katie Porter knows how to handle tough jobs. She took on the banks that cheated Californians during the housing crisis, securing more than $18 billion in restitution. And she is the Cubmaster to her sons’ Cub Scout pack. Katie is a professor of law at UC Irvine, teaching courses on consumer law. Katie will bring real change to CA-45, where the incumbent, Mimi Walters has voted with Trump nearly 100% of the time. Walters has voted more than 10 times to erase protections for people with pre-existing conditions and voted for the Trump tax bill, erasing deductions for homeowners. Orange County is waking up to the damage done by the GOP, and that is why Katie Porter is now leading Walters in the district.

Katie Porter’s campaign is at https://katieporter.com and you can get involved at https://katieporter.com/get-involved