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March On

A Project of PAC For A Change

Project March On is bringing together a new generation of women leaders to stand up for our values and support Barbara Boxer’s PAC for a Change.

This is about more than just fundraising and political campaigns – it’s about building a community of committed women ready to join together to take action in the streets and build power in the suites to beat back the attacks by the Trump Administration.
Together with Senator Boxer, March On is working to build a dynamic PAC, which is about more than just fundraisers and donations.

Working with PAC For A Change, we are building a community of young, progressive women committed to grassroots action at the local level and strategic focus in national elections to defend our firewall in the US Senate.

We are dedicated to cultivating grassroots energy, taking online action and recruiting more young women, and our allies, to our movement. We are thrilled to partner with Senator Barbara Boxer and PAC For A Change.

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