Stand Up. Speak Out. Take Action.

In the first few days of Trump’s presidency, he declared economic or political war on Planned Parenthood, sanctuary cities, immigrants, voting rights, and the environment, to name a few.

We have never seen a situation like this, with an unstable leader in charge and a Republican Congress that so far has failed to challenge him in any way.

Join PAC for a Change in fighting back.

** Californians: Find out about GOTV activities near you for midterm elections.

Join Our PFAC Action Team

As a member of our Action Team, you will receive alerts from PAC for a Change letting you know about grassroots efforts in your neighborhood. Our community has nearly a million people in every state. Acting together, we are stronger than any individual voice.

Speak Out For Change

Decision makers at all levels of government need to hear from their constituents. PFAC has a number of action items and petitions you can sign your name to to make sure your elected officials hear your voice.

Sign On

Call Your Representatives

When Trump and the Republicans in Congress try to eliminate healthcare for working families, attack women’s rights, and gut clean air and water protections, we must fight back. Make your voice heard by calling your elected representatives.

Call Congress

Support A Free Press To Hold Trump Accountable

Freedom of the press is guaranteed in the First Amendment to our Constitution. That is why it is utterly outrageous when President Trump calls the press the ‘enemy of the people’ and bans certain media outlets from press conferences. We must fight back.


Donate To PAC For A Change

Together, we will be the check and balance to Republican attacks led by Trump. The least popular president in recent history cannot be allowed to run roughshod over American values. We will have many people running in 2018 who will courageously challenge the “new normal,” and we must stand with them.


March For Change

We have to fight back for the values we hold dear and the change we believe in. That means joining together, marching together, and standing together. Click below for upcoming actions and events in your community.

Actions In Your Community