Gearing Up for 2020

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March For Change — Take Our Country Back

Trump’s election needs to be a call to action for all of us.

That means joining the marches, getting involved at the local level, and taking action when Trump attacks our communities, sides with the big polluters, and undermines our civil rights and core values. And it means holding accountable the Republicans in Congress who are enabling Trump.

The marches and rallies are an amazing start. I hope you’ll use the resources below to keep marching to take our country back.

Join Our PFAC Action Team

As a member of our Action Team, you will receive alerts from PAC for a Change letting you know about grassroots efforts in your neighborhood. Our community has nearly a million people in every state. Acting together, we are stronger than any individual voice.


Indivisible is a progressive nationwide community dedicated to resisting the Trump Agenda through local, grassroots action. Find Indivisible groups and actions here and help grow the movement against Trump right at home in your community.

ACLU's People Power

The ACLU is fighting back against the Trump Administration’s assault on our constitutional rights. They’re standing up for immigrants, for Muslims, for all of us. Get involved and get informed.

Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood supporters across the nation are hosting events and fighting to defend women’s health and the right to choose. Attend an event near you by clicking below.