Election of a Lifetime

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Savvy, Targeted Engagement

PAC for a Change will be unrelenting in standing up to Trump and calling out the injustices and the dangers of his administration.

Barbara Boxer’s unique perspective can help Democrats win in 2018 and beyond. She has run four tough statewide races herself, and she understands what makes an independent expenditure valuable. She knows what works and what doesn’t.

Our award-winning team will engage strategically in key Senate races, with cost-effective and highly targeted communications both in the air and on the ground. Barbara Boxer served side-by-side with many of the congressional leaders running for reelection, and she knows how to craft the most effective strategies to help them win.

In addition to Senate races, we are tracking key House races around the country to identify opportunities for picking up seats. Right here in California, there are seven districts that present opportunities to elect Democrats.

PAC for a Change is a different kind of PAC, because we want our supporters to participate in building our program. We want your ideas and input on our strategies.

There’s so much at stake for America’s future. That’s why we’re fighting back!


Contact: info@barbaraboxer.com